Graphics and Photoshop training 2014 (DAY 2)

What an amazing experience I ever learned in my life! I attended this Graphics and Photoshop seminar training held by Professor Jeffer Cerioaux for casual designers. It was  successful and was worth it, the seminar provided great lessons from scratch to the top where it also identified how each of the steps are important. As it was my second time around attending this kind of event my skills and knowledge had greatly improved. My $20 was worth it for what I have gained and what I will achieve! (BOOM Panes!).

The First seminar was also great but this second time around was monstrous training! What can I say to describe the word. Professor Jeff told us some secrets in photoshop and graphic designs that you may only learn if you are going to meet with him in person, it is not a word or an advise but it is an action for designers to learn to be successful. I will attend the 3rd part of the seminar this coming September, I am really excited with the next training!

Thanks to Professor Jeffer for everything and see you soon for the next seminar. Hopefully I can teach what I learned to others who love’s to be in this career.